'Thirty Days' project will document a journey across the U.S
tom skinner
10:24 11th January 2017

The Smashing Pumpkins star Billy Corgan is set to release new music this year, as he documents a trip around the U.S for his new project entitled 'Thirty Days'. See full announcement below.

Announcing the project via a Facebook Live video stream, Corgan explained he that he will travel around the country will no destination, taking different places and people in his stride - posting interviews and music he makes along the way.

"We're gonna put up pieces as we go, including new music everyday" Corgan explained. "They'll be new musical pieces, they'll be interviews with people and stuff that we do. We're gonna try document this journey and put together some sort of collective vision."

'Thirty Days' is one of three projects Corgan will work on in 2017. A covers and original album are in the works, though during the live announcement Corgan stated that he "won't necassarily be sharing that music, but I'd like to at least talk about some of the process involved."

To mark his 50th birthday this year, Corgan will also work on a collection of his 50 favourite songs from across his career. The rockstar will ask fans to help create the tracklist, which will be recorded later in the year.

Corgan explains the tracks making-up the compilation are "not necessarily my greatest songs, because obviously opinions differ on those, but maybe a sort of personal reflection.”