The pop dungeon star calls him a 'tyrant'
Cai Trefor
14:07 10th January 2017

Charlotte Church is the latest musician to refuse Trump’s offer to perform at his inauguration ball, taking to Twitter in a brilliant takedown of the President-elect.

Donald Trump’s inauguration is only next week, and Charlotte Church is one of many that have declined Trump’s offer of performing.

Rebecca Ferguson, Moby and KISS’ Gene Simmons are just a few of the musicians in addition to Church that have declined Trump’s offer. It seems that the whole industry has been offered by now so perhaps they should just settle for The Mormon Tabernable choir and be done with it?

Of all the musicians to have been asked an offer for Charlotte Church seems ludicrous. Her views are among the most potent in their rejection of Trump as president.

In an interview with the New Statesmen in December 2016 she said has never met the president-elect and would decline the invitation to meet him “because he is such a tool. Mind you, I sang at George Bush’s inauguration . . .”

In terms of that fact she sang for Bush it seems very uncharacteristic of who she is now. She's sharpened her left-wing political activism and become more acutely aware of issues that need serious attention for the well-being of humanity. As such her below reply to Trump's inauguration organisers reflect someone who's formed an educated opinion and is very confident in her view.

Piers Morgan callously replied to Church’s tweet, sparking yet another Twitter feud.

A more appropriate event for Charlotte Church is taking place on 13 of January, though. She will be performing her Pop Dungeon at The Lexington. Her secret show in the Rabbit Hole was one of the highlights of Glastonbury 2016 and had the crowd chanting: "Charlotte, Charlotte, Charlotte fucking Church!" Sorry Trump you're seriously missing out.