The Nottingham duo highlight social injustice in new protest song
Cai Trefor
15:52 10th January 2017

Philip Green's questionable handling of workers’ pensions after BHS went into administration in 2015 is the latest situation to be feel the brunt of Nottingham duo Sleaford Mods' sharp-witted social commentary.

The Independent wrote in their report of the situation, "The BHS plane has crashed into the mountains but some of those involved seem to have emerged from the wreckage financially unscathed."

Jason Williamson, the wordsmith in Sleaford Mods concludes the same thing: “Buy a company, run it down, take the money, fuck the workers, it’s legal.”

The video takes quite a humorous angle. British Home Stores’ motto was once ‘Modern Living. Made Easy’, and Sleaford Mods depict just that, showcasing their version of Philip Green relaxing on a plush boat in the Thames.

The hook reiterates “We’re goin’ down like BHS.” This line can be applicable to the way they see Brexit affecting Britain, too. It's a short simple and powerful line that shows Williamson continuing to find orginal, funny ways of getting people to think about the state of the world.

The minimalistic beat adds to the dry, washed out visuals that showcase London’s grey landscape as their Philip Green character prances around in a dressing gown, cigar in hand.

Having had a successful 2016, the duo who Iggy Pop calls "undoubtedly, absolutely, definitely the world’s greatest rock n roll band" enter 2017 with a righteous anthem for our times by addressing Philip Green.

‘BHS’ is taken from their forthcoming album, ‘English Tapas’, which was recorded at Steve Mackay from Pulp's studio in London. It is due for release via Rough Trade on 3 March and is their first album for that label.