Marking 45 years since the recording of 'Silver Machine' single, which featured Lemmy on vocals
Cai Trefor
16:39 10th January 2017

During the break between Christmas and New Years Eve we couldn't help but feel deep sadness as 28 December marked one year since the passing of Lemmy Kilmister. And whilst he's best remembered for his time in Motörhead, his material with Hawkwind is sublime will never be overlooked.

Hawkwind helped Lemmy hone is skills as a bassist after a brief period being what he called a mediocre guitar player in Sam Gopal Band. Lemmy's stint in Hawkwind started in 1971 and by 1975 he'd already formed Motörhead. He famously said the reason he'd been kicked out of Hawkwind for being into the wrong sort of drugs; he was more into amphetamine whilst Hawkwind were more focused on psychedelics than him.

Despite not being a long lasting partnership the results of having Lemmy in this band, who've been going in various incarnations since their formation in the heady days in Ladbroke Grove in 1969, were potent. 'Silver Machine' is easily the biggest hit the band ever had and Lemmy's vocals on it has everything to do with the quality of the classic song.

This year marks 45 years since the legendary "Greasy Truckers Party" at the Roundhouse where Hawkwind recorded their No. 3 single 'Silver Machine'. In honour of this party and of course Lemmy the band are set to play there again.

Below you can see the video of Hawkwind playing 'Silver Machine' on stage and hear how the huge ceilings of the Roundhouse give such effective reverb to all the instruments. This is truly one of the most unconventional and intesely psychdelic songs to ever chart so highly.

The show will happen on 26 May and will be a poignant celebration of one of the greatest songs ever.

Elsewhere, Hawkwind will release their latest album, Into the Woods, which is out on 5th May 2017.