2017 keeps getting better
tom skinner
09:45 11th January 2017

'No One Knows' rockers Queens of the Stone Age will return in 2017, armed with a new record. 

After working on various individual projects, Josh Homme and the boys will come back with a follow-up to 2013's ...Like Clockwork this year, with the news coming from Mastodon's Troy Sanders - who is working with QOTSA's Troy Van Leeuwen on side project band Gone is Gone. 

Speaking to Rolling Stone, and discussing the process of juggling band member's schedules, Sanders explained: "...we wouldn’t dedicate the first week of 2017 to working on this band. For example, Queens of the Stone Age, Mastodon and At the Drive-In have all been recording, and we all have new records coming out this year. We’ve all been extremely busy writing and recording, and we’re about to get super busy touring the world."

While Troy Van Leeuwen has been busy with Gone is Gone, Both Josh Homme and Dean Fertita worked on Iggy Pop's Post Pop Depression album and played in the icon's live band. Fertita also recorded with The Dead Weather for their third album Dodge and Burn, released in 2015. 

Van Leeuwen previously gave an update on new QOTSA material back in July, saying: “We’re excited to get back together to follow-up …Like Clockwork, which was a really, really big record for us, personally. It was a big record for us ’cause it was the hardest record to make. And we’re trying to not do that again. We just want to keep things simpler and try that, I guess.”

Homme also promised that a Queens return was next on his list - we're glad schedules and stars have finally aligned. Welcome back guy's.