The troops need tunes...
Lowri Williams

11:40 13th September 2005

Rolling StonesAfter announcing that the Rolling Stones would never play in Baghdad Mick Jagger has totally changed his mind and said that the band would play for the troops if they were asked…but he doubts that its going to happen.

Currently on a massive tour of North America the Stones were asked if they would travel to Iraq in the US or UK government asked them to.

Speaking to the New York Post Jagger commented on the soldiers in the Middle East, he said: "The boys are doing a very professional and a very tough job over there, and they aren't getting a lot of fun either.

"So the answer is - absolutely. To be honest, the troops would probably be more interested in seeing a lot of pretty girls than us."

After attacking the American President on a track from their new album ‘Sweet Neo Con’ Jagger realises that there is very little chance of him calling them up, "but if asked to go it would be a very, very serious consideration."

The Rolling Stones new album ‘A Bigger Bang’ is out now.