'Shimmering with euphoric synths and buoyant choruses'
Laviea Thomas
17:41 1st April 2020

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Lorely Rodriguez, otherwise known as Empress Of, is back with her third studio album I’m Your Empress Of. Shimmering with euphoric synths and buoyant choruses the record features 12 dream pop bangers. Produced and written entirely by Rodriguez, it’s a vibrant return for the singer and producer. 

Album opener, ‘I’m Your Empress Of’ is short but snappy, her whispering vocal drifts alongside atmospheric synths and lingers like fresh winter fog.  Dreamlike, this track feels like an elegant high, progressing little by little, the short dialogue fitting in the middle pauses the glamorous synths to engage you with a heartfelt voice note. This number not only introduces you to what the album entails but gives you a snippet of Rodriguez’s growth. Finishing with a sudden halt, it keeps you eager for what’s about to follow. 

Up next is buoyant ‘Bit of Rain’. The vibrato in her voice effortlessly bounces aside sturdy four-by-four beats, electric piano and the buzz of minimal synths. Following is idiosyncratic ‘Void’, seeing crisp vocals from Rodriguez. Uplifting ‘Love is A Drug’ is a flamboyant electro-synth bop. Repetitive lyrics, “I know love is a drug, I know money is a drug, I know sex can be a drug, but I just wanna be touched” has you muttering them around the house over and over. Effortlessly addictive, it’s busy from start to finish.

Opening with echoing acapella and an aggressive DJ scratch, ‘Should’ve’ stands as the album's in-between at track six; by now you’ve heard Empress Of embrace vibrant synths, buoyant dance tracks, and nonchalant lyrics. At this point, ‘Should’ve’ shifts things with warped harmonies. Next is single release, ‘Give Me Another Chance’ displaying jazzy synths and encompassing that tropical sound highlighted on ‘Void’.

Penultimate song ‘Hold Me Like Water,’ is mellow but warming. Vocally driven this track softly distinguishes the album coming to an end. Wrapping the previous ten tracks into a blanket of euphoric synths and easy going lyrics, it’s gracefully followed by ‘Awful’. Completing the album, the distorted keyword and daunting thuds rest upon lyrics, “nothing’s sacred, nothing’s holy, nothing feels like when you hold me.” I’m Your Empress Of pieces together a concoction of 12 swirling tunes, the world might be coming to an end, but Empress Of is out to save the pop universe.

I’m Your Empress Of is released on 3 April 2020 via Terrible Records.

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