Hear 'Sad Cowboy' from On All Fours now
Jessie Atkinson
12:15 29th September 2020

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It's been two years since the raw debut from Goat Girl hit record shop shelves. Today, the South London outfit return with a brand new single 'Sad Cowboy'. It announces a forthcoming sophomore album titled On All Fours.

Once again produced by Dan Carey, the spiky honesty of the eponymous 2018 debut comes through again on 'Sad Cowboy'. That's where the similarities end though. In this taste of brand new music, Goat Girl show a new side: a kind of corkscrew joie de vivre mixed in with existential anxiety.

Give it a listen:

“Sad Cowboy”centres around the idea of losing a grip on reality and how often this can happen. When you’re within a world that constantly makes you feel as though your living out a really bad dream, disillusionment is inevitable" the bands Lottie Cream explained.

On All Fours Tracklist:

1. Pest
2. Badibaba
3. Jazz (In The Supermarket)
4. Once Again
5. P.T.S.Tea
6. Sad Cowboy
7. The Crack
8. Closing In
9. Anxiety Feels
10. They Bite On You
11. Bang
12. Where Do We Go From Here?
13. A-Men

On All Fours arrives 29 January via Rough Trade Records.

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Photo: Holly Whitaker