Angry mobs, airport scuffles and drug busts
James Moore

12:20 27th August 2015

With the news that Tyler The Creator is banned from the UK for the next 3-5 years due to his lyrical content, we thought we'd investigate other artists and bands' tricky encounters with boarder control. 

Musicians are often very fiery and rebelious individuals, so it's no wonder that from time to time they manage to piss off some kind of boarder control or governing body. Getting banned from a country is definitely on our bucket list, though, as long as it's not for some terrible crime...

From religious faux pars and angry mobs, to drug busts and very angry cops, (that rhymed, by the way) here's our list of 11 musicians who won't be returning to these various countries any time soon.

  • From drug busts to furious, gun wielding mobs, take a look at 13 musicians and bands who were banned from various countries across the globe.

  • The Beatles - The Philippines: After declining an invite to the Presidential Palace from the First Lady, the band awoke to angry mobs surrounding their hotel. When exiting their car to access the airport, a mob firing guns into the air attacked the band and entourage, Brian Epstein being punched in the face and kicked in the groin. They also had to pay back all their show earnings. Jeeze.

  • Miley Cryus - China: The Peoples Republic of China and The Ministry of Foreign Affairs banned the star from entering China after she was caught making a distasteful, stereotypical slanted eyes face in a photo.

  • Elton John - Egypt: After describing Jesus as "a compassionate, super-intelligent gay man who understood human problems," Mounir al-Wasimi, the head of the Egyptian Music Union cancelled Elton John's scheduled performance in May 2010.

  • Snoop Dogg - U.K: While no longer banned, Snoop Dogg was not allowed to enter the country for a few years after he and his entourage trashed a duty free shop at Heathrow Airport during a scuffle with police. Deary me.

  • Amy Winehouse - America: After a drug bust in Norway, the late star was denied access to America to play the Grammy’s in 2008. In April 2009 she was also turned awayagain due to an assault charge, meaning she couldn’t play Coachella.

  • Bjork - China: After supporting the 'Free Tibet' movement and performing her political track 'Declare Independence' in tribute to the nation, the innovative artist was permanently banned from China.

  • Lady Gaga - Indonesia: The Indonesian government banned Lady Gaga from performing, believing that her "sexy clothes" and dance moves would corrupt the nation's youth. Hardline protesters from Islamic Defenders threatened to stop her getting off the plane when she landed.

  • The Rolling Stones - Japan: Due to Jagger's drug convictions in 1967 and 1970, the band were banned from Japan in 1973. This unfortunately meant that they only earned a few million dollars that year. It's a cruel world.

  • Chris Brown - U.K: Funnily enough, the Home Office isn't fond of men that beat the living daylights out of women. After being convicted for his infamous assault on Rihanna in 2009, the ever controversial 'artist' still isn't allowed on British soil. Just look at that smug face.

  • Justin Bieber - Argentina: An appropriate follow up to Mr Brown. There's currently a warrant our for Bieber and his entourage's arrest after an alleged assault of a photographer in Bueno Aires in 2013. While not officially banned, we doubt the irritating pop sensation will be returning to the country any time soon.

  • Jay Z - China: Before playing a Shanghai show in 2006, The Ministry Of Culture required the rapper to present them with his lyrics. After reviewing them, they told the rap mogul to sling his hook. He's got 99 problems, China is one.

  • Madonna - Italy: After her use of religious imagery in the 'Like A Prayer' video, Madonna was forced to cancel a date in Rome after the flipping Vatican criticised her. Don't mess with The Pope, he has a very large hat and a bullet proof car.

  • Erykah Badu - Malaysia: The soulful musician was banned from Malaysia in 2010 after a photo showcased the Arabic word for "Allah" written on her shoulders - "an insult to Islam," according to the country's information minister. More importantly, though, do you think she's in a secret hat club with The Pope?

Photo: Wenn/Press