Amanita Pantherina is coming
Jessie Atkinson
17:00 5th August 2020

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It's no secret that Cabbage love their home city of Manchester, and in their brand new surprise single 'Get Outta My Brain', they pay tribute to one of the most Mancunian Mancs of all - Shaun Ryder.  The track announces their forthcoming second album Amanita Pantherina

Electronic punk on fire, 'Get Outta My Brain' has the swagger of Black Grape and the chaos of Cabbage wrapped into one pulsating single. Hi-hats clatter, vocals distort and the world of the 24-hour party people spins out from a cartoonish musical centre.

Hear the first taste of the new album:

"It’s an attempt to channel the spirit of Manchester and is purposely amped to become a choice cut when we get out to do it live" vocalist Lee Broadbent said of the lead single.

The five-piece made their return this year with 'You've Made An Art Form (From Falling To Pieces)', a track about Coronation Street. No word on whether that'll be on the new album or not.

Amanita Pantherina arrives 25 September. 


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