A bolt of indie joy for your mid-week
Jessie Atkinson
16:14 5th August 2020

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Light 'n' bright indie for your mid-week slump: South London's Lonnie Storey has shared a brand new bouncy cut titled 'Alligator Wrestling' and it's about something much more frightening than fighting reptiles - falling in love.

Pop-tastic swooning and big, heart-busting guitars soon give way to woozy, psych keys, showing the many-sided rollercoaster that is catching feelings very well. Classic optimistic vibes will fill you up thanks to those sugary guitars.

Give it a listen:

'Alligator Wrestling' is all about falling for someone, in a big fat blissful, nerve riddled panic. It's like staring into the deep, dark ominous jaws of love and going through the erratic, excitable, dreamy motions that'll get you snapped in half in a heartbeat," Storey said.

The track was produced by Michael Smith (Honey Lung, Weird Milk) and is only Storey's fifth single. More to come.

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