Brendon Urie claims he 'loves' Brandon Flowers and co, as well as their desert purity
Michael Baggs

14:44 7th October 2013

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Panic! At The Disco star Brendon Urie has showered praise on The Killers, and their take on their shared US hometown of Las Vegas. See Urie discussing the 'Shot At The Night' stars above.

Urie shares his love for the band, comparing them to Bruce Springsteen, and of how impressed he is with their interpretation of the Vegas desert as something 'pure' in their music.

"I love The Killers. They're great," he tells Gigwise. "Any time I listen to The Killers I hear a bit of Bruce Springsteen, especially now, I think they've gotten more and more Americana rock, which I love.

"Their take on Vegas is totally unique as well, they've got the desert and it's almost like a pure, pure take on it. I think my take is the fascination with Frank Sinatra and the Mafia Vegas. It's a little dingier, it's a little seedier, I was always a lot more curious about that when I was younger, and it came out a lot more on this record, that's for sure."

Check back on Gigwise shortly for the full Panic! At The Disco interview.

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