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Jason Gregory

14:20 19th October 2007

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The Verve’s bassist Simon Jones has revealed details about the songs the band have been recording since they reformed earlier this year.

Writing on his Myspace blog ahead of the band’s first set of comeback shows next month, Jones revealed the names of some of the band’s new songs, as well as asking fans what they’d like to hear when they make their live comeback.

The new songs that Jones revealed included: 'Appalachian Springs,' 'Mona Lisa' 'Sit And Wonder,' 'Judas', and 'Rather Be.'

Jones then went on the ask fans what they want to hear: "Should I give titles away yet? Fuck it. I don't want to give the game away (already have), but I would like some feedback on all this - now's the time to speak up! What have we missed that you wanna hear? Is it too early to play new stuff? Do we skip the obvious? Do we do the obscure? Let me know!"

As well as revealing some of the old songs the band have already been rehearsing together “up north,” Jones said that they have more new material that they wish to record next year.

"September was spent in Terry Britten's amazing studio in Richmond. It's brimming with vintage gear, an old E.M.I desk(Pink Floyd -'Dark Side Of The Moon' era) and billions of guitars, old analogue gear, a treasure trove of effects pedals (Nick like a kid in a toy shop!)," Jones said.

He continued: "The sessions have been pretty amazing, we certainly have an embarrassment of riches where material is concerned! We will need to do a lot of listening over the next few months before we reconvene in the new year to pull it all together! Plenty of hour long jams and killer choons! we just need to get the balance right."

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