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Jessie Atkinson
13:30 7th August 2020

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Nancy has shared a further piece of the Happy Oddities EP, out this Friday (7 August) on B3SCI Records. 'Happy Days' does just what it says on the tin: it's a cover of that bop that was "made famous by the TV show".

It follows the mellow 'Orange Yellow Orange' and New Wave-tastic 'Call Me On Your Telephone'. 'Happy Days' too shows signs of an artist enamoured by the New Wave. In celebration of this fact, Nancy has made us a lovely little playlist that gives the genre some love.

Check out the EP, then indulge in the playlist:

Landscape - Einstein A Go Go

Science themed ✅ Sound effects ✅ Dodgy mono synth ✅  Included on Nathan Barley OST ✅ - No brainer, thank me later.

Talking Heads - Born Under Punches

Listen mate, 'Remain In Light'  is when Talking Heads went from great to infinity maximum iconic. Change my mind. The sheer audacity of the sampling and looping going on in this record in 1980 (!!!!!!) is nothing short of genius. Shut up.

Orange Juice - Rip It Up

As a fellow Talking Heads borrower, I can relate to OJ in a way that only thieves can.. Someone once told me: "if you stand in the shadow of giants, you're only gonna look small"  Well...Luckily for me i'm 7ft tall so this is impossible and unrealistic...Listen, I love Edwin Collins forever he is a genius I'M CLEARLY JOKING. 

DEVO - Girl You Want

FIND ME A BETTER SONG. You can't mate, trust me I already tried. Guitar licks and Synth Appregiator lines like these belong together... And don't let anyone tell you otherwise kid..

Human League - Love Action

The emperors of synth pop hath laid a bounty 'pon you. Go on son, don't look a gift horse in the mouth, get in there an' fucken L I S T E N  T O  I T. 

Roxy Music - Re-Make/Re-model 

What i'm trying to say is, it's an empirical fact that Roxy Music changed the game. Okay? This irresistible blend of German Kraut Rock Eno-isms and Glam Rock Couture which they brought into the world is responsible for a lot of good shit that we worship today. It just so happens that Brian Ferry is from my hometown of Sunderland just like me. Yes Brian, I will gladly accept the baton from you.

David Bowie - It's No Game 

Look, I was never gonna pick 'Fashion' - I know better than that. 'It's No Game' is as good if not better mate, trust me. As usual Brian Eno has his fingerprints all over this cut, another majestic slab of engineering from Tony Visconti, recorded at fucken Hansa studio's..Why are we even debating this..? Just accept that it's the best ever and lets try and get on with our lives knowing we can never come close to the effortless genius that Bowie exudes. I know it's hard but we have to find a way..

Clash - Straight To Hell

For my money, Punk bands jumping on the disco bandwagon in the 80s is the moment they became truly great. You know how satisfying it is to be able to break out some CLASH in the middle of a disco DJ set? Obviously I wouldn't play this tune (Maybe I'd go M.I.A, although that sort of thing can get you in trouble if the club owner only wants a certain genre) anyway, i digress...I would play...

Clash - Magnificent Seven

I'll go out on a limb and say Strummer is rapping here. Just one man's opinion. still bangs CHANGE MY MIND.

A Certain Ratio - Shack Up

Tony Wilson famously described them as "having all the energy of Joy Division but better clothes"  Have you heard those drums...? Amazing tune, excellent placement in the playlist, you're welcome.

Joe Jackson - Steppin Out

Surely the precursor to 'Millionaire' by Kelis and Andre 3000? I'm not saying that they stole it, but I kind of am. Both songs qualify in my top 100 all time best tho so no need to cause a fuss over it. Jesus...

Yello - Oh Yeah

Mac: This is the perfect opportunity! I'm gonna hang out in his office and pretend I'm the new guy.
Charlie: Uh, I don't think that's gonna work, dude.
Mac: Uh, have you seen The Secret of My Success?
Charlie: Uhhh, they're gonna catch on to you.
Mac: Uhhh, yeah, but before they do, I will come up with an idea that'll save the company millions and they'll be forced to promote me!
Charlie: Uhhhhhhhh, are you sure? How's that movie end, dude?
Mac: Uhhhh...I can't remember it. Oh, Yeah! He bangs that old lady, and then they play that song from the 80's. "Day Bow Bow".
Charlie: What the hell's "Day Bow Bow"?
Mac: [singing Yello's "Oh Yeah"] Day Bow Bow. Chik. Chik-chika!

Iggy Pop

If Iggy is the KING then that surely makes Bowie the QUEEN. Now, that's a monarchy I would kneel for...Eno is probably on this an'all innit, so ..That makes him.. the Prince? which means Iggy and Bowie are his parents..? I haven't thought this through.

Sparks - This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both Of Us

When I was a boy, when my teacher asked me what i wanted to be when i grew up... I told them Ron Mael (close second to Wilko Jonson). Look him up if you don't know fer fucks sake.

The Stranglers - Peaches

The Stranglers are the perfect middle ground between Punk Aesthetic, nuanced forward thinking songwriting and having an organ player in your band.

Wire - The 15th 

I would shoehorn this song into any playlist tbh. Listen mate they're my favourite band of all time okay? We're nearly at the end now give it a rest.

Ryan Paris - The Dolce Vita

Not listening to Italo Disco is where you're going wrong..It has the magical qualities of being actually enjoyable to listen to, whilst being very hipster crate digger vibe. You should be paying me for this.

Nancy - Call Me On Your Telephone

Is this song an instant classic? It's not for me to say...But you have to admit it doesn't sound that out of place in this playlist...Some might say it even belongs in this playlist? Listen, you don't have to answer right now, just think about it..

Happy Oddities EP is out now via B3SCI Records.

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