A wistful follow up to June's 'Call Me On Your Telephone'
Jessie Atkinson
11:39 15th July 2020

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Newcomer Nancy has followed up June's New Wave bonanza 'Call Me On Your Telephone' with a total indie chill-out. 'Orange Yellow Orange' tracks like the mellow stages of an after-party that's wrapping up - or a lonely moment in the early hours.

Echoing whistles and controlled electronic percussion walk 'Orange Yellow Orange' through a soundscape of sleepy indie pop nostalgia. There are echoes of the past in those lush backing vocals and hazy whistles, but again Nancy updates the history of music with contemporary touches.

This song sounds a lot like one of those many bored, wistful moments we've experienced during lockdown:

“I wrote this during the midst of lockdown, thinking about all the things I couldn’t do. I’m an only child so am used to being alone, but once that privilege had been stripped for me Irealised how much I take it for granted and how much I miss it. I’ll see you on the other side” Nancy said of the track.

It follows 'Call Me On My Telephone', an any-era banger that's as indebted to Lady Gaga as it is to golden age New Wave.

Happy Oddities EP arrives 7 August via B3SCI Records.

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