'A cowboy gallop away from suicide on a horse named self-compassion'
Jessie Atkinson
10:07 15th July 2020

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In November, Tiña will be the first band to release a full-length on cult label Speedy Wunderground. Today, they share the fourth single from Positive Mental Health Music.

The Growlers fans may well be drawn in by the 'beach goth' vibes of this one. And indeed, the band are on the beach in the video for 'Golden Rope', though the sands are stone and the sky is grey.

Soon you'll start to associate this style of slack, debonair grunge with pink cowboy hats, which frontman Joshua Loftin wears as part of the Tiña experience.

“It’s a cowboy gallop away from suicide on a horse named self-compassion" Loftin said of the new cut.

Positive Mental Health Music will be cult label Speedy Wunderground's first ever full-length release. Label owner Dan Carey is the producer behind recent phenomenons black midi, Fontaines D.C. and Goat Girl but his own imprint has exclusively released singles and compilations - until now.

“All of us have felt these emotional things” frontman Joshua Loftin said of the album's themes - writing Positive Mental Health Music helped him “work through a mental breakdown."

Positive Mental Health Music Tracklist:

1. Buddha
2. Rosalina
3. I Feel Fine
4. Rooster
5. Closest Shave
6. Growing In Age
7. New Boi
8. Golden Rope
9. It’s No Use
10. Dip
11. People

Delve into the world of Speedy Wunderground here.

Positive Mental Health Music arrives 6 November via Speedy Wunderground.

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Photo: Ruben Woodin Dechamps