Nostalgic pop to disappear into
Jessie Atkinson
12:45 10th July 2020

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Disappear into the cool bliss of a delicate pop single with Isanna. The American-German producer has shared her glittering new track '1998', an ode to the past and a reminder to stay present.

Delicate synths soon melt into a smooth beat reminiscent of the RnB/pop tunes that were omnipresent on the radio around the year Y2K. Backing vocals echo, synths chime and the beat shuffles on in a dream-like state. 

It's deep, rich and moving to hear: a strong next step for the artist who first released music back in 2018.

Far-off guitars are also a subtle mainstay of this track, making it a more widescreen effort than this year's previous releases 'Moshpit of Emotions' and 'I Wear Black'.

All warm and fuzzy, it's also the most inviting of Isanna's work to date. 

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