A soft rock soundtrack to stray thoughts
Matty Pywell
12:36 10th July 2020

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Manchester based CJ Wood has shared his debut solo single called ‘Prop Yourself Up’.

Previously working in the groups Fruit Tones and Organic Zip, the crooner has released a delightful cut of soft rock. Mastered by Jonny Coddington of Bottle Rocket Recording, ‘Prop Yourself Up’ was recorded between CJ’s flat and Manchester’s Kraak Gallery. 

What we get is a track that seems to increase in confidence over its runtime. With the guitar stings sounding so loose that you could bounce on them like a trampoline. More layers get added to flesh out the track, CJ’s vocals glide throughout, an easy-going narrator capable of re-assurance when the going gets tough. Listen below:

It’s a song that encourages you to try and stay upright so that you don’t have to stay inside your own head all the time, as CJ explains, “[it’s] written about my brain turning into mush and trying be proactive against that!” It is a comforting effort built from the mind fuzz of one guy and his lockdown ‘tash.

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Photo: Evangeline Ford