Earmarking the band as an incredibly exciting guitar prospect
Matty Pywell
12:06 10th July 2020

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The Goa Express have returned with their second single, ‘Be My Friend’ which earmarks the band as an incredibly exciting guitar prospect.

All northerners, the band have more recently made inroads into Manchester. ‘Be My Friend’ is ultimately chaotic garage rock, brought to life by the electricity of the riffs, and the vocals that land somewhere between being a shout and a chant. The band rejects the overwhelming interconnectivity of the modern world, where friends are made at the touch of a button, instead focussing on the importance of meaningful friendship. Listen below:

They describe the song as, “taking a step away from those who’re always trying to get close to you and as both a shout out to individuality and acceptance of rejection. It’s a dismissal of the world’s hyper interconnectivity and a return to privacy, rather than the involvement of knowing everyone's business all of the time”.

Testing themselves on a lockdown evening, the band got to grips with video editing software to produce a collage of late night’s out and time spent together, with none of the footage originally intended for a music video.

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Photo: Louis Butler