Somewhere between indie's golden age and the rehearsal garage
Jessie Atkinson
16:34 6th July 2020

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Tour manager-turned-artist Olly Bailey aka Jaws The Shark has debuted his first ever track 'Mission Impossible'. Lo-fi and fuzzed out, it's a hooky piece of garage rock that has a hell of a lot of potential. 

Guitars race, cymbals fly all over the shop and vocals get the hooks in on 'Mission Impossible', which Bailey self-released this month. You can easily imagine this one playing out of the speakers at a sticky clubnight: it's somewhere between indie's golden age and the rehearsal garage. Hear it below:

On the track, Bailey commented: “The song was written about realising that in this life, nothing is given to you for free. You can be whatever you want to be, but it’s only you that will be the one to make it happen. People can be too scared of failure in today, but if you don’t chase your dreams and put the hard work in, you’re never going to reach them."

It's a poignant theme, considering Bailey is going in on his dream to be an artist. Ears out for more from Jaws The Shark. 

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