Shimmering synths aplenty
Matty Pywell
14:45 3rd July 2020

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On Keaton Dekker’s latest single ‘ITYK’, he has turned to 80s pop and R&B pastiche.

A much lighter tone is touched upon here in comparison to his first single ‘Makeup’. The production is light like a featherweight, painting a gentle visage of an 80s neon tinged dream. The most impressive part is Keaton’s vocal delivery where he performs with such soul and genuine authenticity that it perfectly melds together with cloudy synth. Listen below:

Speaking on the track Keaton said, “I made ‘ITYK’ in my room whilst honestly wanting to be dancing by the tide at sunset. I wanted to create pure warmth with my sound, like when sun rays hit the surface of your face. The song addresses miscommunication, and how it can create a huge misjudgement of character. The twists and turns of being in a friendship that isn’t 100% open and honest.”

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