Crying in the club is a hobby
Jessie Atkinson
14:00 29th April 2020

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New popstar Jessica Winter has released a slick electronic cut focused on the power of sad music. It's the title track from Winter's forthcoming debut EP.

Who hasn't wallowed in the relatability of a depressing track? The music industry is stacked to the brim with them, and for good reason - sad music helps us cope with the trials and tribulations of life.

Winter thanks the genre for its companionship in her new track: somewhat blue itself thanks to a chorus of crying-in-the-club synths. Combined with Winter's suave vocals and a nod to disco, it's a great new claim from the inventive popstar.


Speaking on the song's inspiration, Winter said: "Music helps me realise that you are not alone that every one of us is capable of the best and worst feelings and actions in this world.  This song was born out of a particularly bad day and how music was a saviour at that time”.

Debut EP Sad Music arrives 22 May via Roya.

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