A return to the brilliance of his 2012 debut
Jessie Atkinson
11:23 24th April 2020

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Jake Bugg has released a new single. 'Saviours of the City' is the closest sonic continuation from Bugg's exceptional debut eponymous album. Finger-picked and emotive, the new song is a dreamy companion to the quarantine.

Written alongside ONR, 'Saviours of the City' revolves around a lovely finger-picked riff that fans will equate to 2012's beautiful 'Someone Told Me'. Bugg's voice comes into it's own on this return to simple folk rock.

'Saviours of the City' is Bugg's best release in a long time, his individual flair for tender guitarwork reaching gorgeous heights. Hear it:

Talking on the release, Bugg said: “I wrote this last year with my mate Robert (ONR). It’s a song I didn’t envisage releasing this early, but it seems to resonate with what’s going on right now and makes sense of it for me in some ways.”

Indeed, the song visits themes of responsibility and rescue, suggesting that the chance to save the earth from ruin lies with the younger generations.

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