…and they’re releasing an album in July
Elli Chappelhow

12:28 2nd May 2019

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Ding ding ding…the Brixton dwellers step back into the ring, with a vein-bulging follow up to impressive debut track ‘Wilson’. Equally as raw, guttural (and short) as their debut track, latest cut ‘Modesty’ gives us a taste of what’s to come…

‘Modesty’ is another bruising assault on the senses. It’s dynamic, and intensified - literally, the track only just makes it past the one and a half minute mark. Cagework give you everything you want from a track, in a perfectly punchy parcel. Here’s what we said about their debut track ‘Wilson’: “Raw, visceral and dissonant -  Cagework tiptoe the line between restraint and liberation, and it’s triumphant. The sound ebbs and flows - but don’t be fooled, it’s far from tranquil. When the tide returns, it’s a tsunami, a pot on the verge of boiling over.” As a band, Cagework draw inspiration from odd lo-fi indie, post-hardcore, early emo and smatterings of avant-garde folk. Listen to ‘Modesty’ below:

If there’s one thing you should know about Cagework, it’s that they don’t hang about. As well as releasing their second single, they’re also announcing their self titled debut today. Cagework will be released via Physical Education recordings on 5th July. Vocalist Sam Bedford explains, “It seems strange to want to draw a line under such a short period of time, considering we’ve been a band for less than a year,” says Bedford. “But we were looking ahead and really wanted to have these songs documented, with so many more being written all the time.” 

The album itself is set to pack a punch; a white knuckle ride of a listen that lasts only 16 minutes, spread across a grand total of 7 tracks. Considering the band only came to fruition within the last year, their sound is seemingly becoming more refined and self-assured, while still retaining a raucous and abrasive quality. Amidst the cacophonous instrumentation, there’s something consistent, whether that be in the quiet-loud shifts in tempo from verse to chorus, or Sam Bedford’s reflective and somewhat emotive lyrical content. Whatever it is, we’re here for it. 

Cagework tracklisting:

1. Wilson
2. Eileen
3. 23
4. Listen Elsewhere
5. Modesty
6. Trust 
7. Valuables

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