Band finally admit leak helped...
Zoheir Beig

11:06 22nd February 2007

When a picture of Pete Wentz naked emerged on the internet last year, the Fall Out Boy bassist nearly quit the band.

But now for the first time the punk four-piece, currently number one in America, have said the incident actually helped them.

Fall Out Boy singer Patrick Stump is quoted as saying: "It basically forced us to make an album quickly because I wanted to make sure people remembered that we're a band and not a sideshow."

Pete Wentz himself added: "It's like a footnote now, like how Michael Jackson set his hair on fire in a Pepsi commercial."

The Fall Out Boy star was persuaded not to turn his back on fame and continue with the band, after the photo emerged.

"People always want to see Pete in this 'I'm-a-crazy-rock-star' light and it's a shame because they lose so much about him in the fine print." Patrick continued.