what’s on your mind? was released on Friday (03 May)
10:25 8th May 2019

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Taking their name from an ‘almost-anglicisation’ of the Korean word for “outer space” (우주) Wooze are the British/Korean duo whose sound has the potential to take you to another place. The enrapturing tracks created by these alt-synth pop South London outfit are catchy, inventive and downright infectious.

Here, they take us through their latest EP release, what’s on your mind?, track by track, covering everything from uprooted identity to catching up with your cousin in Paddington. Buckle in….

‘I”ll Have What She’s Having’

We wrote this one in a friend’s rehearsal space in Cable Street Studios late last year and it all came together pretty quickly within a few hours. Theo came up with the title, oblivious to the fact that it’s a very famous line in When Harry Met Sally so a bubble was brutally burst somewhat when that was made apparent to him. Jamie spent a good few days practising the Bonham-inspired double kicks at the very end of the song by playing ‘Good Times Bad Times’ on loop.

‘Zeus’ Masseuse’

We wanted to write a song about a heavy concept told through a light-hearted manner so we settled on the futility of existence through the eyes of someone who was handed the task of massaging the most muscly man we could think of. We wrote the music last year when we lived in a disused daycare centre in Peckham, in Theo’s enormous bedroom which served additionally as our studio and rehearsal space. The reference we had for our vocals was the seven dwarves covering ‘Falling In Love With Myself Again’ by Sparks.

‘Cousin Paul From Paddington’

The first song we wrote as WOOZE. When asked what he was doing the following day, Jamie replied that he would be meeting up with his cousin, Paul, from Paddington, so that conveniently became the chorus lyric to the song we were writing at the time. Lyrically it’s about uprooted identity and the sense of firmly believing who you are while not having the foggiest idea simultaneously. I think we’re all guilty of being our own unreliable narrators at times through the prism of social media. The song can also quite simply be an ode to London and the joys of using our tube network.

‘Ladies Who Lunch With Me’ 

We wrote 'Ladies...' in Muddy Yard while 67 were shooting a video on our doorstep. We couldn't leave our place for the whole night and didn't have any food so the lyrical seeds to 'Ladies Who Lunch With Me' were sown, bellies rumbling, us in our studio bumbling. The guitar line was originally written on bass while Theo was experimenting with some funk lines and was later diluted down into what it is now. 

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