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Amy Winehouse And Snoop Dogg Duets Go Up In Smoke

The pair fall to finish tracks...


Amy Winehouse And Snoop Dogg Duets Go Up In Smoke Photo: Splash News

Amy Winehouse and Snoop Dogg have left two duet tracks unfinished after a day in the studio together went up in smoke.

The pair headed to a studio in Los Angeles together last year but have yet to complete them because of busy work schedules.

According to the Sun, Wino and Snoop started off working well together at the original session before a few smoking breaks got in the way and slowed them down.

We won't speculate on what they were smoking but Snoop has a notorious love for marijuana.

A source said: “Amy came to the studio buzzing with ideas and the pair got on really well, even though Snoop turned up in his dressing gown with slippers on, which had Amy giggling.

“They were working at a frenetic pace at first but as the day wore on and more smoke breaks took place, the work rate slackened.

“By the time their studio time ended they had a pair of tracks sketched out but no finished product.”

Since then Winehouse has had problems entering the US because of Visa trouble and Snoop has been too busy working on his new album.

Amy Winehouse in St Lucia

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