Exciting stage stunts and guest appearances galore
Melissa Daragh
20:44 13th November 2019

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Strolling on stage wearing white from head to toe, Harley Streten, aka Flume, opened his London show with some live spray-painting. Dramatically unveiling a stencil on the big screen which read ‘Hi, This Is Flume’, the new album track of the same name played in the background. Flume, the young Aussie lad who now stood before us is the international cool kid we’d all been waiting to see - and we were most certainly not disappointed.

Following up with ‘Helix’ and ‘High Beams’, the whole crowd were already in great form, no doubt helped along by the fantastic support from UK up-and-comer Ross From Friends. Stepping things up, Flume introduced the first of his several guests for the evening and was joined on stage by Vera Blue to perform fan favourite 'Never Be Like You'. 

The guest appearances seemed to keep on coming as Flume was joined on stage by Reo Cragon for 'Friends' and later 'Quits', as well as being joined once again by Vera Blue for 'Rushing Back'. The highlight of the night, however, was ‘Let You Know’, when the crowd went wild as Flume announced that he would be joined by Hannah Reid from London Grammar. 

With rigs all over the stage, Flume did not fall victim to the static setup that is common with so many electronic artists, providing a much larger presence, while not having to rely solely on an audiovisual show in the background. Showing that there was much more behind the literal smoke and mirrors of his show, Flume became part of the audiovisual experience himself, using exciting stage stunts in order to entice the audience, most notably by using an angle grinder to write the word London with a heart.

With only a few members of the crowd falling victim to their inner-Londoner habits of leaving a bit early to catch the train, those who remained were rewarded with an encore which started with ‘Ecdysis’ before reaching a final climax with the beautifully intense and crowd-pleasing ‘Drop the Game’. Drawing to a close with the more chilled out ‘Tiny Cities’, it's clear that Flume has created a show which is both audibly and visually stimulating, while managing to show depth in his abilities both as an artist as well as a performer.

 The unique and exciting visual aspects on display throughout the show, alongside the special guests, gave the crowd many special moments which are a testament to the undoubtable sense of showmanship Flume has to offer. This, in our eyes, cements his place as one of the most exciting young electronic artists currently on offer, and we can't wait to see what he does next. 


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Photo: Isy Townsend