Black Midi drummer Morgan Simpson features on the track
Jessie Atkinson
13:06 13th November 2019

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Newcomer Rachel Chinouriri has made an extraordinary statement today in the form of 'Where Do I Go?'. The gentle, soulful pop ballad is a heart-wrenching show of powerful vocals and fragile, precious songwriting.

'Where Do I Go?' dropped today following appearances from Chinouriri at BBC Introducing Live and Pitchfork Paris. The new cut is the latest in a run of singles and a recent EP, and is a delicate but powerful statement filled with keys, strings and the unrivalled drumming skill of Morgan Simpson from Black Midi. Listen in:

With a building introduction that blends themes of love songs and lyrical examinations of afterlife, Chinouriri says of the track: "I begin to ask myself “where do we go after we die” and “where will my spirit/soul go?”. Will I go to a better place after this? Or is that better place with you? I think about how life on the other side could be and if I can take you with me. I say ‘take me home’ because I was always told, our souls come from the spirit world and return there after death and as long as your good here, you’ll go back to a beautiful kingdom."

Gigwise eagerly awaits more releases from the Croydon resident. 


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