Is it a bird? Is it a plane? Is it Lazarus Kane? Fuck knows
Elli Chappelhow
16:17 26th September 2019

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Lazarus Kane. Nobody really knows who this geezer is - he’s casually and confidently strutted onto the scene after uprooting himself from the US and plonking himself back down in the UK. But it’s time you started sitting up and taking notes: this strange creature sure knows his way around a lithe bassline. It’s an exciting opening volley from the newcomer, and lives up to the word-of mouth hype he’s been garnering from his live performances. 

Kane’s baritone vocal writhes and slides around sensuously - his cocksure demeanour is evident through both his vocal delivery and lyrical tendencies. The rich, low vocal is counteracted by contributions from a sugary, high-pitched female voice, while disco-synths plink and flicker away in the background. Every punch lands - he takes a focussed swipe at binge-drinkers, narcissists, and so-called ‘dick-swingers’ - “shut your mouth and hold your tongue”; it’s ever so seductively scathing. 

‘Narcissus’ marks the anticipated first release from Kane, and the 31st release from Speedy Wunderground, home to the likes of Squid, Black Midi and Black Country, New Road; safe to say Kane is in good company in the capable hands of Speedy.

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