A celebration of longevity in life and relationships
Melissa Darragh
09:00 9th September 2019

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Metronomy’s latest offering Metronomy Forever is a stereo soundscape that shifts genre and mood in a thoughtful showcase of all that has made them the band we know and love today. Joseph Mount’s ability to capture raw emotion brings us moments of reflection upon the past as well as observant contemplation on the future. This makes for an eclectic collection of songs that take the listener on a journey that celebrates the longevity of life and relationships. 

Teasing a wide variety of styles across the album, Metronomy Forever delivers a mixtape-style assortment of songs that explore the genres and sounds used throughout the band’s entire repertoire. Although the disjointed nature of the album adds to the effect, it also brings across an incoherence to the record as a whole, making it an unexpected choice which has resulted in a product somewhat removed from the well-polished production we have come to expect from producer-extraordinaire Joseph Mount. 

Intro track 'Wedding' draws the listener in with dissonant sounds of wedding bells in a euphoric prelude. This leads into the more upbeat 'Whitsand Bay’, which features thoughtful harmonies and meaty basslines, before we’re caught off guard by the distorted chords and steady in-your-face rhythm of ‘Insecurity’. 

While Mount and co. continue to deliver fun, synth-fused unconventional funk in the form of tracks such as ‘Salted Caramel Ice Cream’ and ‘Sex Emoji’, the album is also interspersed with stripped back tracks such as 'Upset My Girlfriend' and an array of electronic instrumentals boasting varying levels of intensity. 

Metronomy Forever is a kaleidoscope of nostalgia, featuring glistening synths, electro-punk vibes and catchy licks you’ll have stuck in your head for weeks to come. By giving a nod to past inspirations, Metronomy have created a beautifully turbulent yet insightful look towards the legacy they leave. Ever-eccentric and unafraid of the unexpected, Metronomy are forever - and they will always be worth your time. 

Metronomy Forever is released on 13 September 2019 via Because Music. 

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