Producer welcomes comparisons to dance duo
michael baggs
11:25 1st March 2013

French electro producer Kavinsky is the scene's man of the moment this week with the release of his debut full length album Outrun.

Rather predictably his music has drawn comparison with Daft Punk, the godfathers of electro music not just in Frace but around the world.

But Kavinsky couldn't be happier about the comparison, and is glad he's being compared to his friends and peers rather than other big names in the global music scene.

"It could be worse: people could compare me to Coldplay or Muse," he said in an interview with Gigwise.

"I'm very happy if you find any comparison to Daft Punk. I'm grateful for that."

Outrun is a blast of retro, synth-drenched electro and Kavinsky's breakthrough track - 'Nightcall', which was picked for the Drive soundtrack - was produced with Daft Punk's Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo.

"They're quite some people. They picked us in the past for the world tour. It was two crazy years, as you can imagine," he says.  "We were, and still are, very lucky to know them. Not because of their music, but because of what their like as humans.

"Obviously they're not robots as everyone thinks."

While the anonymity the French duo enjoy thanks to their helmets means they seem something other than human to much of the listen public, Kavinsky reveals they are in fact as normal as anyone else.

"They're cool to have a drink, they're cool to make music with. To me they're just cool people."

Daft Punk posted this image online this week

This week Daft Punk teased fans by posting a new image online, which confirms their move to Columbia.

The pair's fourth studio album is expected to arrive before summer, but no date has been confirmed as yet.

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