Butter-Fly EP is out soon
Jessie Atkinson
12:33 11th November 2020

Lava La Rue has announced a brand new EP Butter-Fly with a new cut titled 'Angel'. Something altogether softer focus and synth-y for La Rue, the track is a queer love song that feautures Deb Never.

Pillowy vocals á la Nilufer Yanya one moment, slick rap the next, 'Angel' all comes together in a synth-tastic soundscape shot through with funky bass. 

La Rue shows off their sincere talent with this gossamer track:

"We made the whole song from scratch in a day, he’s a wizard on the synth and I was jamming on guitar. lyrically I started writing about this girl I was falling for and realised how most contemporary queer pop songs have quite a 2010s sound to it and I’d love to make a queer love song that had a 80s psychedelic pop formula to it" La Rue said.

'Angel' - alongside 'G.O.Y.D' - is the artist's first new music since 2019 mixtape Stitches. 

Butter-Fly EP Tracklist:

1. Magpie
2. Angel feat. Deb Never
3. Goofy Hearts
4. G.O.Y.D.
5. Lift U Up feat. Karma Kid

Butter-Fly EP arrives in January.

Photo: Press