Be glitter bombed with 80's fabulosity
Joe Beer
10:39 11th November 2020

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2020’s reborn 80’s goddess Katie Wood glitter bombs us with 'Where Have You Been?' With musical influences like The Cure, Cocteau Twins, and Drab Majesty, the mantra of this punky yet vulnerable song describes feelings of being utterly besotted with someone and having no idea how to pull the reins on the emotions of it all. 

Drenched in her soft vocals, the lower harmonies in the song add an ambient echo to the quirky polished hit, which also includes pockets of fun vocal elements including, as Wood describes, “cackling like a witch”, which only reiterates the magnetism of her eccentricity.

Gated reverberated drums, hazy bass and running synths are all quintessentially 80s charged. The unarmed lyrics “I never wanted to tell you, I'd move the stars for you” followed by a somewhat dejected yet effortless, sexy sax solo is stunning. The song has it all, it's not hard to see how the young singer/songwriter has been capturing the attention of listeners across the globe:

Dropped today, the accompanying music video is captured on camcorder: cloudy clips that are overflowing with shots of Wood in her wonderful, striking style.

Wood often uses “humour alongside somewhat depressing and solemn subjects” - and the use of the wedding dress, considering the inspiration for the song, adds that sarcastic touch. “Music has a kind of sarcastic charm to it" Wood says.

"It's hard to admit sometimes when you're in love for whatever reason... it can make you feel uneasy. I feel as though it's tempting to romanticise a situation or idolise someone and the song represents that moment you realise that is what you're doing, it's like a daydream”.

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