Think Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino on a comedown
Tom Dibb
12:24 25th November 2021

Cardiff’s Red Telephone have released their latest single ‘Orange Lights’, a hazy, dreamy summertime pop number that builds upon an already blistering 2021 for the group.

‘Orange Lights’ is a hit of summertime new wave pop with underlying guitar notes that are simply irresistible. It’s breezy, light and a wonderfully crafted pop-song aching to be blared out on a long summer drive. As the track's chorus kicks in the guitar tones become amplified, taking the track to a dark space age place. (Think Tranquillity Base Hotel and Casino on a comedown).

This comes after a raucous year for Red Telephone which saw them play festivals such as FOCUS Wales and Swn Festival. Alongside this they released their previous single, ‘We All Look So Nice’.

Photo: Press