Tokio Hotel, Limp Bizkit, Dire Straits and more...

14:55 9th July 2009

Last year we brought you a countdown of the greatest band logos, now it's time to unveil the 20 Worst Band Logos Of All Time. From recognisable acts like Dire Straits, Spacemen 3 and Limp Bizkit through to obscure Deathcore bands, there's a plethora of aesthetically challenged band artwork to be found...

  • 20. Hot Leg - Justin Hawkins' latest hideous mock-rock venture are woeful in every feasible way, artwork included

  • 19. Gay Dad – A Marmite logo that's liked by many. Not us though. When we think of this band it conjures up nothing but bad memories.

  • 18. Staind – Their music is a stain on the musical landscape. Unsurprisingly they've got a turgid logo to match.

  • 17. Breed - Foetus logos can work, just take a look at Sigur Ros' majestic one. Breed's on the other hand is crap.

  • 16. Naked Aggression - The anarcho-punk outfit's music is famed for its potent lyrics. Just what kind of message they're trying to get across with their logo is beyond us.

  • 15. Civil Death - Simple logos can be great. In fact we can think of many defining ones – Aphex Twin, Radiohead and even Jamiroquai to name a few. This one, however, is plain awful.

  • 14. Anal Blast – You've got to give it to Anal Blast, their logo sums up their name perfectly. This doesn't make it good though.

  • 13. Helloween – Ultra tacky, we wouldn't expect anything less from a band called Helloween.

  • 12. Limp Bizkit - As emblazoned on the nu-metallers' 1999 album 'Significant Other', this logo is a mess.

  • 11. O Pioneers - Complete with Satanism symbol and indecipherable lettering, O Pioneers have created the ultimate clichéd metal logo.

  • 10. Tokio Hotel - A terrible logo that incredibly is nowhere near as bad as frontman Bill Kaulitz' haircut

  • 9. At All Cost – A visual trick of sorts, At All Cost have fashioned their funny lettering and Satanism symbol into a bat shape.

  • 8. Summoning – Another death metal band who arrange their lettering around the Satanism symbol. Fucking yawn.

  • 7. Spacemen 3 – Jason Pierce and Peter Kember's neo psychedelic rock outfit created some way out there music. Clearly the culprit of this logo was a bit too out there.

  • 6. Hideous Mangleus - The Pennsylvania Grindcore band's logo looks like a mangled mess of gunge. Something we're sure they aimed for.

  • 5. Current 93 – A bizarre smiley face complete with tears, symbols and lines, this logo is plain abysmal. The experimental folk outfit should hang their collective heads in shame.

  • 4. Thirteen Bleed Promises – Psychedelic spider lettering - it was never going to work was it?!

  • 3. Dire Straits – Whoever designed this logo needs firing. A shit idea, badly executed that wreaks of everything naff about the eighties.

  • 2. Minniv – Words alone cannot do justice to how bad this logo is.

  • 1. Waking The Cadaver – The Deathcore band's logo literally renders us speechless. Within the scraggly lines it actually says 'Waking The Cadaver', see if you can find it.