A sign of better things to come
Mason Meyers
10:39 26th February 2021

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For a man that is being policed on his lyrical content by the UK government, 20-year-old UK drill superstar Digga D sure talks a lot about gang violence on his new mixtape Made in the Pyrex; either that or he’s alluding to an appearance on Celebrity MasterChef when he spits about “cheffing up".

However, with the history of Rhys Herbert’s (Digga D) violent past and equally as violent music, can we expect anything else from the recently freed drill sensation? Yes, we can. This release occasionally sees Digga D growing as an artist by documenting a complex inner turmoil throughout the short twelve tracks.

Between the dirty kick lead grimey beats and Digga’s inescapable trademark persona, we see D delving into his insecurities, his inner monologue being particularly revealing on 'Trust Issues (I'm Joking I Trust My Mum)'. Lyrics “I don’t even trust myself, why would I trust a friend?” and “I don’t even trust my mother - I don’t even trust my dad – I don’t even trust my brother” providing a sense of rawness and honesty seldom found on a drill record.

It’s not all complexities and woes for the West London lad however. Fresh out of prison for his role in a machete-wielding gang fight in West London, you might think that D would be a little bit more reserved on his latest release. But straight from the get-go, Digga lays out the insults with opening track 'Intro', featuring a relaxed D crooning about texting his “man’s girls” from his cell.

Like it or not - and despite the more introspective moments on the album - Digga doesn’t seem to be overly changed by his time spent incarcerated. Braggadocious energy fill the tracks to the brim, spewing insults and callouts for excitement's sake. Digga D is sure to turn a few heads with his new release, with tracks 'Bringing it Back' ft AJ Tracey and 'No Chorus' ft M1llionz being catchy enough cement themselves into any Londoner's jogging playlist.

Most of Made in the Pyrex isn’t memorable enough to make it a classic in the scene though. Uninspired beats, some out-of-time vocal performances and the occasional forgettable tune such as 'Folknem' all make for a pretty average release. This mixtape, however, is a sign of better things to come. A future continuation of the exploration of D’s psyche and some much needed musical experimentation could lead Digga to a classic in no time.

Made In The Pyrex is out now via CGM Records.

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