80s Gothicism meets NYC gloss
Jessie Atkinson
11:40 26th February 2021

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Melbourne trio HighSchool have shared the shiny Gothicism that is 'De Facto', a part of this summer's debut EP and a follow-up to debut statements 'Frosting' and 'New York, Paris and London'. 

Landing with an eerie video that mirrors the darker notes on the single, 'De Facto'  wears its influences on its sleeve: 80s Goths The Cure and their bouncy cousins New Order, as well as the insouciant dance guitar of LCD Soundystem.

Listen up:

The band said of the track: “we created De facto to shed a mortal light on love. It presents relationships as being temporary and expected.” Get excited about this band...we certainly are.

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Photo: Hannah Mckimmie