After a near-four year wait, the band are teasing new material
Lucy Tessier
14:02 19th February 2021

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On Tuesday 16 February, the world stood still for fans of Wolf Alice when the band posted an eerie video loop of a bloodshot eye and the link to their updated website. It was the first hint at new music in a long time...

Those who clicked on the link were greeted with the website title page reading ‘The Last Man On Earth’, followed by a sign-up form for dedicated fans eager to receive updates on the band’s musical whereabouts. Whilst there has been no explicit confirmation of a new album, we can at last assume that whatever the North London grunge rockers are planning is going to be exhilaratingly huge! 

Still reaping the glorious success of their previous records, how did Wolf Alice ignite such support and adoration? The band originally began embarking on their musical journey as an acoustic driven duo, comprising singer Ellie Rowsell and guitarist Joff Oddie. Fast forward to now, and not only is Wolf Alice a furiously passionate musical force to be reckoned with, but the now quartet have also secured themselves The Mercury Prize for their sophomore album Visions of A Life. From the dreamy hazes of shoegaze anthems such as ‘Don’t Delete The Kisses’ and ‘Planet Hunter’ to the bombastic cacophony of distorted guitars and enraged vocals in the tracks ‘Yuk Foo’ and ‘Visions Of A Life’, Wolf Alice have created a sound that reincarnates 90s grunge and fuses it with today’s indie rock. 

Tto their listeners, Wolf Alice are not just faces behind a silver screen but humble and grateful individuals that write from the heart. In the case of Wolf Alice’s music, they create a delectable balance between the calm and then the storm, and that is exactly why critics and fans of the band have been rooting for them ever since they first graced the airwaves. “I saw them when they supported The 1975 in Belfast at Ulster Hall. They were great and we bumped into the band afterwards a few streets away,” recounts one of their fans, “they wanted to know the best chip shop nearby!” The band are no strangers to life on tour and meeting with fans after their set…even if it is just to ask them to locate the best takeaway in the area.

“I stumbled across them on Soundcloud in 2014 – their song ‘She’ had just been uploaded to their site,” explains an eager fan who has seen Wolf Alice live on multiple occasions, “I was instantly hooked, quickly found them online and saw they happened to be playing Bedford Esquires in a few weeks, so I snapped up two tickets there and then…It is still the best gig I’ve ever been to!” Wolf Alice have continued to remain a live sensation within their fanbase from day one, supporting the likes of Foo Fighters and Queens of The Stone Age, as well as headlining countless venues and festivals up and down the country.

Some followers of the band would even agree that the quartet’s discography and artistry has shaped them as people: “to me, Wolf Alice were the band that kickstarted who I am today" another fan gushes, "their music gave little teenage me the confidence to wear the clothes I want, because with my headphones in and ‘Moaning Lisa Smile’ blasting, you feel on top of the world and you don’t care what anyone thinks." Today’s industry needs more bands that make their listeners feel empowered and proud to live in their own skin – Wolf Alice is the answer. 

Whether the introduction of ‘The Last Man On Earth’ alludes to Wolf Alice’s long-awaited third album is still uncertain, however with constant teases in the form of Instagram posts and tweets dispersed throughout their social profiles, there is no doubt that the band are going to make 2021 their year. A band that continues to inspire, amaze, and delight their fanbase and beyond, when the news of whatever is coming is confirmed, all ears will be glued to musical devices and streaming sites once more...

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