The Hampshire three piece created an incredible atmosphere
Cai Trefor
18:57 17th October 2016

We’ve been fans of Blaenavon since they first made their mark on the industry with debut single ‘Into The Night’ in 2013.

Hints of greatness were there then but the way it’s their sound now that we’re really down with. Last year’s ‘Hell Is My Head’ was the first proof they were going to climb the ranks from little-known indie to a big British band. It showed they’re as good at playing delicate, heartfelt parts as they are full-throttle rock with real raw energy. The new EP is further indication that they can go the extra mile.

It's due to such great recordings like this and highly acclaimed live performances that they were able to pack out Scala on a Friday night and prove to themselves and their fans that the Blaenavon story has only just begun.