Part of next year's Warpaint EP
Jessie Atkinson
11:31 3rd December 2020

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Swedish neo-emo popstar Boy Destroy has continued his run of banging singles today with the piano ballad 'As Time Goes By', a track about nostalgia that demonstrates the pain of letting go in an accompanying video starring a teddy bear.

Led by the mournful notes of his piano and some sparse trap beats, the song bubbles with the addictive hooks of a master songwriter. 

“On the surface, this song is about the day after a destructive night, with someone I liked, in a bed somewhere...'As Time Goes By' is a temporary break from a life on the run. Away from upbringing, rules, religion and drugs. To cease movement and resign to the perfection of the present moment - give of oneself and get back. To look into someone's eyes when the car drives off the road but has not yet cracked the water surface. Total weightlessness. A safe embrace." 

"We wanted to manifest the complex relationship that we have to our past. Some parts of our past we love and want to hold on to, others we hate and want to get rid of" video director Jesper Johansson said of the teddy bear visual.

The track will feature on a forthcoming Warpaint EP, due in spring 2021.

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Photo: Olof Grind