Part of summer's Acoustic reimagining of Mogoya
Jessie Atkinson
11:11 3rd December 2020

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Malian legend Oumou Sangaré has unveiled the video for 'Kamelemba', a single taken from her new album Acoustic which is in turn an unplugged reimagining of 2017's Mogoya.

Outfitted in a stunning dress, Sangaré delivers the delicate masterpiece in a studio, surrounded by backing vocalists and her band - just like the surrounds that Acoustic was actually recorded in. The acoustic guitar is light and dreamy while Sangaré's vocals are enough to stop you in your tracks.

“This song is about men who make girls fall in love with them with sweet talks and lies. They are womanisers who make false promises to women to entice them and destabilise them" Sangaré said. 

Acoustic is the third of three projects tied to the 2017 album Mogoya: in 2018, it also got a Remixed edition. Sangaré is a superstar in her home country of Mali, where her 1989 feminist debut Moussolou sold over a quarter of a million copies. 

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