Spector, The Strypes, Swim Deep and more to play Gigwise stage at LAL 2015
Andrew Trendell

17:41 15th April 2015

Gigwise are proud to announce that we are media partners of Live At Leeds festival 2015, playing host to the likes of Spector, The Strypes, Swim Deep, Misty Miller and any more at the Leeds Uni Union Stylus. 

Boasting over 200 bands in 20 of the many fine and legendary venues in Leeds, LAL is one of the best value for money festivals about, and a really good laugh. This year looks set to be no different, with Palma Violets, The Cribs, Eagulls, Dry The River, Reverend & The Makers, Slaves, Emmy The Great, Hookworms, MNEK, Stormzy, Thurston Moore, Swim Deep, Childhood and many, many, many more on the bill of the Northern new music showcase.

Check out the full line-up below: 

We'll be down there this year, bringing you the latest news, interviews, photos and live sessions from the best bands on the line-up - as well as hosting a stage at The Stylus. Check out the schedule for our venue below:

The Stylus, Leeds University Union - Saturday 2 May
2.45pm - 3pm: Glacier Pacific
3.45pm - 4.15pm: The Vryll Society
4.45pm - 5.15pm: Vitamin
5.45pm - 6.15pm: Misty Miller
6.45pm - 7.15pm: Blossoms
7.45pm - 8.30pm: Spector
9pm - 10pm: The Strypes
10.45pm - 11.45pm: Swim Deep

Listen to 'To My Brother' by Swim Deep below

Live At Leeds takes place across multiple venues in Leeds from 1-4 May 2015. For tickets, the full line-up, schedule and more information, visit here

  • Laurel: From the swooning, cinematic romance of the opening notes of 'To The The Hills' and 'Memorials', you can hear that this is a serious artist with high ideas. Imagine a young, British Lana Del Rey with a more contemporary urban edge. Playing: BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB GAMES ROOM, 2 MAY, 20:30

  • Spector: Back with a sharper and more evolved, refined sound, Live At Leeds will be the launching pad before Fred and co own the summer and truly seize 2015 - this will be their year. Playing: GIGWISE PRESENTS LEEDS UNI UNION STYLUS, 2 MAY, 19:45

  • Dutch Uncles: Mind-bending experimental indie-pop that twirls around your every synapse before lodging itself firmly in your heart. Playing: LEEDS TOWN HALL, 2 MAY, 19:15

  • Eagulls: A brutal world where post punk which blends elements of shoegaze with its heavy surface to create something truly special. Playing: LEEDS BECKETT DR MARTENS STAGE, 2 MAY, 20:45

  • Emmy The Great: A bold and dizzying kaleidoscope of heavenly, soulful pop. Utterly enchanting. Playing: LEEDS COLLEGE OF MUSIC, 2 MAY, 22:45

  • Gaz Coombes: The former Supergrass frontman returns with his brilliant debut solo LP Matador - among the richest and more arresting work of his career. Check it out, with a smattering of classics at LAL2015. Playing: O2 ACADEMY LEEDS, 2 MAY, 13:30

  • George The Poet: Slick and inventive British hip-hop with a youthful energy and refreshingly fresh take on the troubles and strifes of growing up in modern Britain. Playing: THE HIFI CLUB, 2 MAY, 21:45

  • Lucy Rose: Not just another acoustic singer-songwriter, but packed all the eclectic bounce and imagination to make every day feel like summer. Playing: HOLY TRINITY CHURCH COMMUNION STAGE, 2 MAY, 22:15

  • Palma Violets: The fierce and dark energy of these indie anti-heroes has ironically turned them into poster boys, and the future could yet be theirs. Playing: LEEDS TOWN HALL, 2 MAY, 20:30

  • Hookworms: A miasma of psych and drone, spinning around the core of stoner-rock riffs and killer hooks. An utterly awesome onslaught on the senses. Playing: LEEDS BECKETT, 2 MAY, 19:30

  • Prides: It could be any festival in the world, you've a cider in your hand, and are waiting to dance your face off to synth-pop to the pop of total life-affirmation. Cue Prides. If there's any justice, they'll follow in the footsteps of Chvrches and Bastille, own the summer, and the future. Playing: THE WARDROBE, 2 MAY, 21:30

  • Slaves: Pure punk menace - terrifying, just the way it should be. Playing: BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB, 2 MAY, 23:15

  • Swim Deep: The best elements of classic indie from the last 30 years, but sent racing into the future with a knack for a timeless hook and stadium-shattering chorus. It's dream rock, but so beautifully brought to life. Playing: LEEDS UNI UNION STYLUS GIGWISE STAGE, 2 MAY, 22:45

  • The Cribs: Local heroes from just down the road in Wakefield, they need no real introduction. Just let their catalogue of modern day indie classics do the talking. All together now: "MEEEN'S NEEEEEDS..." Playing: LEEDS TOWN HALL, 2 MAY, 22:00

  • The Strypes: The classic mod vibes of the 60s played with the engery of teens eyeing up the future - no wonder they've found fans in the likes of Paul Weller and Noel Gallagher. Playing: LEEDS UNI UNION STYLUS GIGWISE STAGE, 2 MAY, 21:00

  • Blossoms: An aching cool from an age gone by matched with a universally loveable blend of psychedelia played within the realm of classic pop, rock and mod sounds. Playing: LEEDS UNI UNION STYLUS GIGWISE STAGE, 2 MAY, 18:45

  • Brawlers: Local lads and expecting a heroes' welcome - Brawlers are a Frankenstein's monster made up of members of Castrovalva, Dinosaur Pile-Up, Leftover Crack and Old Romantic Killer Band, this is one hell of a beast. What do they sound like? Fast and furious pop-driven punk from a band with a love of hardcore and their tongues firmly in their cheeks. That's not to say this isn't to be taken seriously, mind - while singing about 'all things rad', this is a sound that immediately grabs by the throat. Playing: THE KEY CLUB, 2 MAY, 14:00

  • Misty Miller: The South London sensation dropped her debut album five years ago - and has since been away, honing in on the raw emotional intensity and sheer, gritty class that first made you fall in love with her. Playing: LEEDS UNI UNION STYLUS, 2 MAY, 17:45

  • Gengahr: For fans of Alt-J, Of Montreal and Animal Collective, but comfortably living in a world of their own, Gengahr are the the ultimate summer band with a bedrock of tight rhythms beneath a haze of sleepy sounds, quirky melodies and escapist, witty words. Their debut album A Dream Outside will be released on 15 June. Playing: LEEDS BECKETT DR MARTENS STAGE, 2 MAY, 18:30

  • Telegram: A generation-defying blast of futuristic psych-punk - you need this band in your life. Playing: LEEDS UNI MINE, 2 MAY, 21:15

  • Spring King: Recently seen on tour with Courtney Barnett, Spring King are rush of lo-fi punk fun and sweet pop turned inside out. Check out the blistering 'City' and be prepared to fall in love with the sound of summer 2015. Playing: BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB DIY STAGE , 2 MAY, 21:00

  • Black Honey: A fitting name for band who were early on renowned for 'the sweet taste of darkness', Black Honey are a group that will be massive before you know it. Breaking new ground by looking backwards, their sound has a remarkably plush and Ennio Morriconne throwback quality to it, producing tracks that could equally work on a David Lynch soundtrack or on a festival main stage. Playing: BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB DIY STAGE, 2 MAY, 18:00

  • Honne: Seductive rhythms that resonate on record are effortlessly accentuated in a live environment, expect the hype to gather momentum with this duo set for a huge year ahead. Playing: THE HIFI CLUB, 2 MAY, 18:45

  • OhBoy! An exquisitely unhinged DIY sound that is somehow terrifying but infectious all at once - the perfect indie pop conundrum. Playing: BRUDENELL SOCIAL CLUB. 2 MAY, 14:00

  • Arcane Roots: Former touring mates of Muse and Biffy Clyro, prepare to stand aghast in awe as this trio go supermassive with insane riffs and roof-blowing vocal experiments. Playing: THE KEY CLUB, 2 MAY, 21:00

Photo: WENN