Geoff Barrow took to Twitter to lament the minuscule return
Alexandra Pollard

10:55 15th April 2015

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In the same week that The Who's Pete Townshend referred to the owner of Spotify as a "fucking crook", Portishead's Geoff Barrow has revealed that the band made just £1,700 from 34 million online streams.

Though he later admitted that these numbers were a "rough estimate", Barrow still insisted that his assertion was "not far off", and hit out at Apple, Spotify, YouTube and Universal Music.

He later added, "I've got nothing against streaming a record but I've got a lot against people giving my work away for free."

As Consequence Of Sound reports, this comes to roughly 0.007 cents per-stream going to Barrow, while Universal Music are yet to respond with how much money that made through Portishead's 34 million streams.

Earlier this week, Pete Townshend admitted he uses Spotify, but is deeply unconvinced by the financial model behind the market leader. In an interview with Rolling Stone magazine, Townshend explained: "I'm a user of Spotify so I feel like a complete hypocrite when I say 'I think the guy that runs it is probably a fucking crook'. Take me to court. I was reading about some artist who had something like 450,000 plays and he got a check for [almost nothing]. It doesn't make any sense."

Meanwhile, after one follower criticised Barrow for his "tacky" complaints, he pointed out that his concerns extend to the young bands in his label, Invada Records, who are struggling to pay rent.

Portishead will also be headlining Latitude this July alongside Alt-J, Noel Gallagher, Manic Street Preachers and many more. See below for tickets and informationl. 

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