Unlike anything you've ever heard before
Peter Kandunias

12:08 26th October 2014

Now is the time to stop clinging onto the belief that there is no sound in space, because NASA has uploaded to SoundCloud, recordings from space.

NASA put up special instruments which recorded electromagnetic vibrations on the Voyager space probe and converted that into actual sound. The recordings include the sounds of Saturn’s rings, Neptune, Jupiter and Uranus as well as what Earth would sound like millions of kilometres away. It won’t be too long before some obscure DJ samples these sounds, trust us.

Listen to some of the sounds below

As well as recordings of the solar system, the recordings include the sounds of shuttle launched and clips of famous quotes from NASA astronauts.

The sounds are unfamiliar, obscure, reassuring and alarming all at once. Listening to these is truly dare we say, an otherworldly experience.


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