'I promise not to share the photos with anyone'
Gaby Whitehill

10:03 25th June 2014

A relatively unknown musician  has announced he will sell his album to customers not for money, but for naked photographs of themselves. Right.

Electronic musician Loke Rahbek is preparing to release a new album under his OTHER moniker Croatian Amor. Available only on cassette tape, The Wild Palms can be purchased by fans with naked images of themselves. Not money. 

Speaking to FACT and sounding a bit fucking weird, Rahbek said: "So I ask that anyone who gets the music does not share it with anyone. And I promise in return to not share those photos with anyone. They are going to be in a file, and they are going to stay there. I wanted it to be secret, because you know if we’re talking about intimacy, nothing is stronger than keeping secrets together." Sure.

If for some reason you're still on board with all that, email a fully nude photo of yourself with The Wild Palms written somewhere on your body to thewildpalms1989@gmail.com and receive the album in return. The promotion is open until July 22. If photos of you in the birthday suit end up on the internet in two year's time, we did warn you.

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