Can you survive Glasto spending £40 on beer?
michael baggs
13:31 16th June 2014

A money expert has calculated the full cost of attending Glastonbury Festival, estimating conservative festival goers can cover all their expenses with a little under £440.

Website has broken down the cost of attending Glastonbury, with a few tips on doing so without breaking the bank, and drawn conclusions over how much everyone should expect to stump up. Aside from the £222 spent on a ticket, the website estimates every festival goers will spend £80 on food and can, potentially, get their on-site booze budget down to just £42.50 over five days on Worthy Farm. We think that one might be a bit of a struggle, TBH...

"Assuming you bring your own breakfast, fruit and snacks, you will probably still need two decent meals per day (you'll walk a long way each day, so you'll need it!)," says the writer. "If you go for a pasty or hot dog at lunchtime, you'll pay about £6 each; something more substantial like a curry with all the trimmings for dinner from the Thali Café will be about £10. Over the five days, that's £80 on food.

"If you like a drink, expect to pay London pub prices at most of the bars. If you've taken your own drinks along and only buy a cold pint of Brothers and a hot and spicy drink from the cider bus each evening, that'll be about £8.50 a day, so £42.50 over the 5 days."

It is also recommended that festival goers arrive on site with loads of emergency food and drink in their bag (biscuits, cereal bars, nuts, beer etc).

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