Ray Davies says talks are underway
Andrew Trendell

10:56 9th June 2014

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The Kinks look set to finally reunite for new material and a tour, as the infamously feuding brother Ray and Dave Davies are in talks about their future. 

The legendary rockers, who have endured a tumultuous relationship, split in the 1990s - with fans hoping for them to reform ever since. Rumours emerged earlier this year when Ray said a reunion to mark the band's 50th anniversary was 'as close as it's ever been'. 

Now, Ray Davies has told The Sunday Times that discussions are underway regarding new material.

"I met Dave only last week to talk about getting back together again," he said. "We’ve also spoken a few times on the phone and emailed. He’s been composing his own songs, but I’d really like to write with him again.

"We both agree we don’t want to do old stuff or tour with past hits. It’s got to be something new."

Watch The Kinks performing 'Waterloo Sunset' below

Back in 2013 Dave Davies made headlines when he said that there was a '50/50' chance that the legendary 60s rockers could reform in 2014 for a string of shows to celebrate their 50th anniversary. His brother Ray then said that they would have to pen new material to justify reforming. 

"I'm not sure. There's got to be new music involved. I'm proud of that back catalogue and I play it when I do shows," said Ray in a interview with BBC Breakfast.

"I was talking to my brother about two weeks ago. As long as there's something new to go forward with rather than stay in the past, I'm interested. We've negotiated. In sporting terms, he's talking to his agent." 

Below: 2014 - A big year for anniversaries in the music world

  • Everyone remembers when the Scissor Sisters stormed across the pond from New York 10 years ago. With sexually injected hits like 'Take your Momma' and 'Filthy/Gorgeous' the five piece made quite the impression with their self titled debut in 2004. 2014 marks their 10th anniversary since its release and reaching number one in the UK. The band are currently on hiatus - could they return next year to mark their decade anniversary?

  • Parklife was the third album to be released by hit British rock band Blur in 1994. It ended up winning them their first No.1 album and 2014 marks 20 years since the release. Will Blur follow Oasis, live up to their rivalry and mark the occasion?

  • 2014 marks 20 years since English rock band Placebo formed in 1994. The band have been one of the most successful bands from the UK to date having released seven studio albums and sold over 11 million records worldwide. As of yet though no plans have been set to celebrate the milestone, but their hardcore millions of fans are salivating at the prospect.

  • Manic Street Preachers classic album The Holy Bible turns 20 in 2014 and there have been talks of the band wanting to play the album in full at next years Glastonbury festival to celebrate. Their upcoming album Futurology is said to be in the same vitriolic spirit, so it seems as good a time as any.

  • Glaswegian band Franz Ferdinand made waves with their iconic track 'Take Me Out' in 2004. 2014 marks 10 years since their self-titled debut album took the world by storm and went on to bag a Mercury.

  • 2014 marks 10 years since Arcade Fire released their debut album Funeral. With latest album Reflektor causing hysteria and sold out dates across the UK and a worldwide tour, they may not have time to mark this one, with so much already booked in for 2014 (but we can dream)

  • If you saw them at Download 2013 you'll probably know why Rammstein have been around since 1994. Rammstein and their incredibly sexualised, pyrotechnic-filled live shows have been practised for almost two decades since their formation. Who knows what the German porn-loving terror-mongers will have in store for their fans in 2014 to celebrate?

  • Dookie was Green Day's break into the mainstream music in 1994, marking them as punk icons for generations to come. The band recently played the album in full at London's O2 Brixton Academy prior to Reading and Leeds festival. 2014 marks its 20th Anniversary so it looks like the boys decided to give it the attention it deserved a year early.

  • The Eagles have just announced they'll be touring the UK in 2014 and it so happens to be 20 years since their hit album Hell Freezes Over was released in 1994, reaching No.1 on the Billboard 100. The tour is rumoured to possibly be their last and has proved the band are still as popular as back in their hey day with tickets selling out fast and extra dates being added.

  • 20 years after the release of debut album Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik and just over a decade since their last release Speakerboxxx/The Love Below, Outkast have reunited for 2014. The rappers are believed to be performing at Coachella festival as well as playing a string of tour dates next year including Bestival and Wireless. It's going to be a really fun summer.

  • Pink Floyd's The Division Bell was the fourteenth and final album from the prog-rockers. 2014 means it will be the 20th anniversary of its release all the way back in 1994 - will they do something special for fans?

  • American nu-metal band Korn also have a 20th anniversary to celebrate, as it was in 1994 they released their controversial debut self-titled album. It went on to sell over two million copies after the bands relentless touring and growing fan base back in the day.

  • It's been 30 years since Bruce Springsteen graced us with the sound of Born in the USA. It was the album that placed him on the musical map and sold 30 million copies worldwide. He never stops touring, but will be play the album in full in the coming year? He is fond of the occasional epic gig.

  • Prince released hit album Purple Rain back in 1984. It went on to reach platinum status 13 times and became know as one of the greatest albums of the 1980s. 2014 see's the album hit its 30th anniversary. He's currently spreading Purple Fever around the UK with his Hit And Run shows - fingers crossed he celebrates this seminal pop classic somehow while he's at it (COUGH**GLASTONBURY**COUGH)

  • Legendary punk-rock band The Offspring will be celebrating their 30th anniversary in 2014 since forming all the way back in 1984. They were pegged as reviving punk rock back the day and they are still very much rocking, having played Warped Tour this year. Plus anyone who's anyone knows 'Pretty Fly For A White Guy'...

  • Frankie Goes to Hollywood caused controversy back in 1984 when they released debut single 'Relax'. But despite it being the most shocking release of the 80s with its BDSM themed video and being banned by the BBC, it still managed to reach No.1. Clearly people liked their kinky edge. 2014 sees it hit its 30th anniversary.

  • It's hard to believe it will be 10 years next year since Eminem released his No.1 album Encore. Featuring a number of memorable hits including 'Like Toy Soldiers' and 'Just Lose It', which lead it to reach quadruple platinum only a month after its release. Hopefully he'll mark it with some special shows.

  • Legendary American rock band Panic! At the Disco will celebrate 10 years since forming in 2004. No plans have been announced as of yet, but the band return to the UK in May, so we're sure the lads will have something up their sleeve.

  • Kurt Cobain's death has been mourned as one of rock's greatest tragedies. With 2014 marking 20 years since, there is sure to be a huge event to celebrate his mark on the music industry. Nirvana will be inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, they've erected a terrible statue in Seattle, plus there's the possibility of a film being released this year about the late frontman, directed by Brett Morgen.

  • 2014 marks the 20th anniversary of Muse's formation as young teens in Teignmouth, Devon 1994. Frontman Matt Bellamy hinted the legendary band intend to celebrate with their fans after an insane, rarity-packed gig in Tokyo when he tweeted: "Hey, relax; that was just a rehearsal for our 20 year anniversary tour!" Watch this space...

  • Definitely Maybe was the seminal debut album of Britpop frontrunners Oasis. 2014 marks its 20th anniversary, with the band opting to re-release their first three albums as expanded editions. Dream on if you were hoping for any kind of reunion...

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