MJ would have wanted 'final listen'
Michael Baggs

12:46 3rd April 2014

A 'new' album of Michael Jackson music is due to hit shelves in May of this year, but even Jackson's family are unsure of their feelings on the release.

The 8-track collection has been worked on by the likes of Timbaland, Rodney Jerkins, Stargate and a number of other prolific r&b producers, and also comes as part of a new Sony promotion for their Xperia phones. Understandably, members of Jackson's family have spoken of their misgivings about the new record.

"I have mixed emotions because as an artist and as his nephew I know he'd want a final listen before anything he did was released to the public," says TJ Jackson, a member of boyband 3T, in an interview with The Sun newspaper. "Saying that though, that's my uncle and I want him and anything associated with him to be successful."

Watch the trailer for Xscape below

The album has been tipped by bookmakers as being the biggest selling record of the year, but their assumptions have been made without hearing any of the tracks includes on the record.

Xscape combines original Jackson material with a "fresh sound" - courtesy of producer Timbaland - with Epic Records' LA Reid granting access to four decades of Jackson's vocal material.

The album is the first posthumous release from Michael Jackson, who died in 2009, since 2010's Michael, which was widely panned by critics and even faced allegations from fans and the Jackson family an impersonator had been drafted in to record some of the vocals.