Insider claims big bands have been booked
Gaby Whitehill and Michael Baggs

09:50 15th January 2014

Metallica, Prince and Outkast have reportedly been booked to perform at this year's Glastonbury Festival, according to a music industry insider.

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So far, only Arcade Fire have been officially announced to headline this year's Worthy Farm event, but a source, who is no stranger to Glastonbury, has told Gigwise that they believe that further big-name bands have already been booked.

"I was hearing that Metallica will be headlining Glastonbury - I don't know when it gets released, but I heard that today," says the insider, who asked not to be named. They also revealed Prince will be topping the bill at Worthy Farm - and freshly reunited hip hop duo Outkast will open for The Purple One.

"Prince and Outkast are going to be playing Glastonbury, with Outkast apparently playing underneath Prince," the source said.

Update: A spokesperson for the star has since confirmed to Gigwise that Prince has not been booked for Glastonbury 2014.

Watch the video for Prince's 'Kiss' below:

The rumours are yet to be confirmed by Glastonbury organisers, but with Prince making more and more frequent live appearances with his 3RDEYEGIRL band, and Outkast having just confirmed they will be performing at a whopping 40 festivals in 2014.

Below: potential Glastonbury headliners - the for and the against

  • Kasabian - why they could headline Glastonbury: Kasabian have established themselves as more than capable of headlining festivals after Reading Festival 2012, and are due to return with their fifth studio album later this year. Their booking would be a no-brainer, big name closer for any night at Glasto 2014

  • Kasabian - why they couldn't headline Glastonbury: Is booking the band too much of a risk - and not quite 'Glastonbury' enough? The band haven't released a new album since 2011, and no one has heard their upcoming stuff. Plus, considering the all encompassing nature of Glasto, it's possible that Kasabian are just too heavy to make the headline slot. This is lad-rock at it's most epic and a far cry from the likes of Mumford & Sons in 2013.

  • Outkast - why they could headline Glastonbury: Outkast are confirmed to play Coachella in America this summer and have confirmed plans to perform at 40 festivals to mark their 20th anniversary. Glastonbury is the big daddy of the festival scene, worldwide, so this one is almost certain, right?

  • Outkast - why they couldn't headline Glastonbury: Are they right for Glastonbury? Maybe not. Inevitably, we will see Outkast perform at a UK festival this year, but no other band says 'Bestival headliner' to us like Outkast. The Isle Of Wight, not the Westcountry may be your best bet for Andre 3000 and Big Boi this summer.

  • Foo Fighters - why they could headline Glastonbury: Foo Fighters are set to release a new album this year, and festival dates are a certain. Sonisphere and Download are already fully booked up and they headlined Reading & Leeds just a few years ago. The band have enough casual appeal to attract all-comers and not just dedicated fans, so place your bets now...

  • Foo Fighters - why they couldn't headline Glastonbury: Two American bands headlining Glastonbury? If FF join Arcade Fire at the top of the bill there will be anarchy on British streets across the nation. Getting Grohl and co to top the bill would be awesome, if a little US heavy.

  • Prince - why he could headline Glastonbury: Prince has yet to announce any UK live shows for 2014 but he will, oh yes he will. We hope. Prince appears on the Glastonbury rumours list every single year, but never has it seemed more likely as the pyjama-wearing purple love god returns to the scene. He performed three US shows at the end of 2013 and has been teasing fans with live videos on social media since.

  • Prince - why he couldn't headline Glastonbury: Does he need to do Glastonbury? No. Not really. His gloriously self-indulgent pyjama parties in the comfort of his own residences are one thing, but making the trek to the Westcountry after all this time? Michael Eavis would have need to have worked some serious charm to pull this one off.

  • Kanye West - why he could headline Glastonbury: Kanye West's Yeezus tour is expected to hit the UK in 2014, and Kanye's distinctive brand of batshit-crazy rap would certainly shake up the usually guitar-heavy festival. Jay Z and Beyonce have taken top billing in previous years, so there's no reason why Kanye West couldn't do exactly the same this year.

  • Kanye West - why he couldn't headline Glastonbury: Where's his damn croissants??? Kanye West may be a little bit too much of a responsibilty for Glastonbury, as there's no amount of canvas in the country that could contain that ego. His Yeezus shows in America have been somewhat troubled too, making this an unlikely booking.

  • Daft Punk - why they could headline Glastonbury: The hype around Daft Punk's disco return has worn off and the French duo need to get some live shows in the calendar if they want to sustain the momentum and keep their status as one of the world's biggest bands. Their previous live shows have been spectacular and fans want this so badly. This would make for a talking point for the entire year.

  • Daft Punk - why they couldn't headline Glastonbury: Daft Punk aren't touring. They're not. Fans have been crying out for a live show since they returned with 'Get Lucky', and there's not been the slightest recognition from the aloof French dance masters.

  • Depeche Mode - why they could headline Glastonbury: Since the 1980s, Depeche Mode have been an amazing and unstoppable force on the music scene, and despite operating away from the mainstream in recent years, they are one of the best live bands on the planet. If Glastonbury needs a legend to top the bill, look no further.

  • Depeche Mode - why they couldn't headline Glastonbury: Depeche Mode have a very devoted fanbase who follow their every tour and release, but it is possible that this very dedication makes them too niche for the everyman audience of Glastonbury.

  • Fleetwood Mac - why they could headline Glastonbury: Fleetwood Mac are another long-rumoured band on the Glastonbury wish-list, and have recently confirmed that original member Christine McVie has rejoined the fold as a full time member. How better to mark her return than that much-wanted Glasto headline slot?

  • Fleetwood Mac - why they couldn't headline Glastonbury: Sadly, John McVie's 2013 cancer diagnosis forced the band to dismiss all suggestions of a headline show. Michael Eavis remains hopeful of a future booking, but it will almost certainly not happen this year.

  • Adele - why she could headline Glastonbury: Adele is a certified superstar. Elusive, talented and enigmatic. After releasing just two studio albums she has established herself as one of the UK's biggest stars. Sure, the winsome blubfest of 'Someone Like You' wouldn't be our pick for a Glasto closer, but the likes of 'Rolling In The Deep', 'Rumour Has It' and 'Set Fire To The Rain' would make for one of the most spectacular, and unexpected finales at this year's Worthy Farm event.

  • Adele - why she couldn't headline Glastonbury: Well, she hates festivals for one thing, and has stated on several occasions that muddy gigs in front of tens of thousands of people are her idea of hell. Don't expect too many black sequins on the stage this year. Sorry.

  • David Bowie - why he could headline Glastonbury: There needs to be a legend on the line-up and when it comes to those, it doesn't get much bigger than Bowie. Arguably one of the biggest stars on the planet, the reaction to The Rolling Stones at the 2013 event demands an artist of this stature join Glasto 2014.

  • David Bowie - why he couldn't headline Glastonbury: He's not touring. End of. There aren't any live shows planned, and why does he need to? A Glasto gig is more likely than a full UK tour, but mark this one down as highly unlikely...

  • Metallica - why they could headline Glastonbury: They want to do it, and more importantly they say they are 'ready' to do it. Lars Ulrich has publicly reached out to Michael Eavis stating their desire to headline Glastonbury this year, and they would fill a legends headline slot perfectly. Do it Mr Eavis!

  • Metallica - why they couldn't headline Glastonbury: Is Glastonbury ready for Metallica? The festival is known for a lot of things, but metal is not one of them. The band is big enough, but their sound might not be quite right...

  • Oasis - why the could headline Glastonbury: An Oasis reunion has been on the cards since the band split, and when it comes to high-profile stages to get a band back together, it doesn't get much bigger.

  • Oasis - why they couldn't headline Glastonbury: Noel and Liam hate each other. Still. Not going to happen.